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Fractal art

Fractal arts use complex dynamical systems to build intricated self-similar shapes. Combined with various colorization techniques, it produces vibrant and convoluted abstract pictures. Follow me on Mastodon for more art and experiments: @digit

If you'd like to buy one of these, contact digit: lezardidealiste[at]gmail[dot]com. This page gives prices for glossy paper prints (20x20 centimeters) delivered in France (I can deliver to other Europe countries, but additional fees may apply). Bigger poster sizes or different types of support are also available:

  • 40x40 centimeters, glossy paper: +15€
  • 20x20 centimeters, canvas: +21€
  • 40x40 centimeters, canvas: +39€
  • 20x20 centimeters, aluminium: +21€
  • 40x40 centimeters, aluminium: +39€
  • others: in your email, describe the format you would like to have. I'll reply with a customized estimation.

With all prints, I'll email you a PDF document that represents formally the mathematical formula you bought. Curious? See this example.

Spring Koch Flake (20€).
Koch Galaxy (25€).
Autumn Koch Tree (20€).
Koch Eyes (25€).
Koch Frosted (25€).
Koch Totems (25€).
Koch Cherry Blossom (20€).
Koch Fishes (25€).
Koch Berries (25€).
Koch Snowflake (25€).